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About ENZA Diesel

ENZA Diesel is one of the leading providers of Diesel Generators in South Africa. ENZA's generator sets provide an excellent solution for emergency standby power supply or for prime power source. Whether you need an emergency power system for failure-proof applications, need a standby system that will allow you to continue work when the main power source fails or even when you need a prime power source in remote places with no access to the national grid we have the solution!

ENZA's solutions are designed and built to meet your needs, from the simple portable power generators to the more complex automatic generator systems for various residential, commercial and industrial applications such as communications, media, banks, airports, hospitals, data centers, mining, construction and more.

ENZA Diesel Energy is part of the RHB South Africa Group , a leading South African Private Equity firm focusing on four major fields Energy sources, Medical supply, Innovative Technologies and Real Estate development. With headquarters in Johannesburg, international development representatives in New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Cape Town, RHB leverages its international presence, vast expertise and substantial capital base to promote companies with the potential to shape and dominate African markets.

For more information about ENZA Diesel or about RHB South Africa, do not hesitate to contact us.


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